Oberkommando des Heeres
(Chef der Heerestürung und Befelhabender des Ersatzheeres)
Heereswaffenamt Wa Z 2
Fertigungskennzeichen für
Waffen, Munition und Gerät

Berlin 1944

Gedruckt im Oberkommando des Heeres

Very rare and incredibly useful list to identify fake codes and therefore non original WWII German items. This list is nowadays almost impossible to be found. This is the list of codes of the HUNDREDS of WWII nazi manufacturers'names and addresses.
Any collector knows WWII militaria items are marked with a letter code followed by the two numbers figuring the year of manufacture. This list breaks the code by giving all details relative to war time manufacturers. For example :

canteen marked
bmw 42
is the code for a canteen manufactured in 1942 by
Aluminiumwerke Nurnberg G.m.b.H. Nürnberg-S, Nopitschstrasse 67

binoculars marked
crn 44
is the code for binoculars manufactured in 1944 by
Hanseatische Werkstätten für mechanik u. Optik, Friedriches & Co.
Hamburg-Schnelsen, Oldesloer Strasse 59

Hundreds of codes available in this list

Should you need an identification, please e-mail me the code to be broken together with manufacturing year and type of item you found the marking on, so that I can check if info is available. If I can provide the information, I shall mail it back to you.