combat rank patches

In 1987, a new ranking system was adopted together with the new 4 front-pocket BDU. This new system was originally meant for the Air-Force, but was eventually worn by all forces. From this date on, no more shoulder boards. Therefore, the 4 shoulder holes (two on each shoulder) meant to attach shoulder boards, disappeared. Apart from the changing shape, the new rank patches introduced one main difference : only one was worn on the left upper sleve. To make it possible, a piece of cloth buttoning device was placed on all upper left sleeve. The piece of cloth is to be slit in between the two parts of which the patch is made of. Note that former uniforms with shoulderborads continued to be used until the wall collapse.

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These rank patches are quite rare items to find simply because they were in use for 3 years only. I can provide just a few spares from my own collection... Should you like to get one, mail me to know availability. Here.